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Group Picture (2011.4.6@Ito Campas in Kyushu University)

Our Interests of Research

The design and functionalization of carbon nanotubes and fullerenes, and supramolecular chemistry including the synthesis of stimuli responsive rotaxanes.

Prof. Naotoshi Nakashima

What's New ?

2013.6. 13
Dr. Reda's paper was selected as paper this week in Nature Japan
2013.6. 13
Kohei's paper was accepted in Chem Lett. (No.8)
2013.6. 13
Mr. Yusuke and ChaeRin's posters were selected as Best Poster in The 21st Joint Seminar of KB-CSJ and BB-KCS
2013.5. 13
Yuki's paper was accepted in Chem. Lett. (No.7)
2013. 5. 3
Our recent work related to Fuel Cell was apeared in the news papers
2013. 5. 1
JongTae's presentation was selected as an excellent talk in CSJ
2013. 4.21
Takahiro's paper was accepted in Macromolecules
2013. 4. 4
Dr. Reda (PD)'s paper was accepted in Scientific Report (Nature Sister乯
2013. 4. 4
Four undergraduate students, Tomoya, Akiyo, Masafumi, Wenxin were joined in our group.
2013. 3.28
Minoru and Dr. Kazuya's paper was accepted in ChemCatChem (IF=5.2)
2013. 3.26
Yasuhiko, Yuichi, Kojiro, and Yukiko graduated from KU.
2013. 2.21
Our recent result related Fuel Cell work was appeared in the news papers
2013. 2. 2
ChaeRin won Poster Award in the Polymer Materials Forum given by SPSJ.
2013. 1. 2
A happy new year. To express our deep thankfulness, theme map is prepared

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